Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We got to hear our little squirt talk again after a week of nothing. He had been pretty sleepy most of the day until last night at about 20:00. We could tell he was trying to say something so we took off his mask and were able to talk to him a little bit. He was making all kinds of animal sounds. He doesn't have much of a voice, but it was so nice to hear him talk and be able to look at us. he has a lot of junk in his upper airway that he tries to cough up, but his throat is very soar. We had the mask off for about 15-20 minutes and his 02 sats were staying at about 93-95%, so our nurse got the okay from the doctor to just leave it off until he needed it. I think he was glad to have it off of his face. He didn't fight things like I thought e would. I thought he would be agitated and trying to pull things out, but he didn't really do that. I think that if he had more energy it would be a different story. Since he is anemic, and also still on some sedation he wasn't being very active. None of us got very much sleep because Elijah had been asleep for so long, he was ready to be awake. It was hard to try and fall asleep and miss something. He was wide awake and talking from about 03:00-05:00. He fell asleep and has been pretty sleepy since then. I might have a three year old that has his days and nights mixed up for awhile. We did have to put him back on blow-by oxygen after awhile of him being awake. Blow-by is just when they put the mask by his face and he gets it when he takes a breath. Basically, we didn't have to strap the mask back on his face, which is nice. He seems to be doing okay with that, but if his sats start dropping, then they would have to put the mask back on. He is definitely tolerating thing much better than I thought he would. They are going to slowly start weaning the sedation medication off, but very slowly. It will take a few days for it to be completly off. We are all going to try and nap when he naps today. See ya.

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Melinda said...

I just had to let you know that you are in my prayers. You don't know me, but I am Butch's cousin, Linda, in Utah. Butch and I have stayed in contact the last few years through email. You can black mail him on this one...we use to play the accordian! He was good!!

Butch has told me about his family, and occasionally sent pictures, but I am sorry that I don't know you better. I have 19 grandchildren and 3 more on the way, so I understand the love that grandparents have for these special grandchildren. Elijah looks like a wonderful little boy. The Logan Temple (we live in Cache Valley - Petersboro, near Logan) will open again on Monday and I will put your names on the Prayer Roll there. I will keep you all in my prayers too!

Linda Ray