Sunday, January 13, 2008

We all got some sleep last night, I think we were only up 3 or 4 times. Putting that into perspective that constitutes a pretty good night. Elijah continues to complain about his belly hurting, but it seems to be a little less frequent. Dr. Al-Zein was in this morning and is changing some of his medicine for his belly. He also thinks that Elijah could start to walk around a little more, but only if his up to it. He didn't want us to force him quite yet. He is happy with his numbers right now, all except for his neutraphils still being O. Since they started the IV nutrition, his labs show that he isn't as dehydrated anymore so he was happy with that too. He said that we can expect him to receive a couple more platelet transfusions within the next week. We were able to get Elijah up to walk, he just didn't want to wear the mask. We took him upstairs to the playroom and played for a bit. Then we came back down and gave him a bath. To say the least, he is pooped!! Elijah continues to lose a little hair here and there, but it's not coming out as fast as I thought it would. There was a bit on his pillow this morning and then a bit more in the bath tub from his bath. I guess he has surprised us more than we would have thought in the last few weeks, so maybe he won't lose all of his air. I asked the nurse we have today if she had ever seen a child that didn't lose their hair and so said not that she could remember. She said all of the kids are so different on how they lose it though, some fast and all at once and some slowly. We plan to get Elijah up a few more times today in every attempt to get those bowels moving. We will update later. Love you all!!


Marye said...

It was so good to see pictures of Elijah doing some normal children stuff. He is a strong willed boy. As for the hair, he will be cute no matter what.

Jennie said...

Hey Hancocks! We are so happy to hear that things are looking up! Hopefully you guys can make it home soon. I'm sure everyone would be happy about that. Amanda, I left you a message on your phone saying that I'm sorry we haven't been in since you got to Des MOines. I have been really sick with a sinus infection. I know that's the last thing Elijah needs. We can't wait to see you hopefully soon. -The Heilsons

Launi Walker said...

The constipation has been an ongoing problem with Eli, too. Who would have ever thought that chemotherapy wouldn't cause diarrhea, but constipation.

Eli has not lost his hair. It is a bit thinner, but not that you would notice. We were also told that he would lose it during induction, but he never did. Every round he starts we are told, "he'll lose it this time" and he still hasn't. From what I understand from other parents, they lose their hair twice during therapy: once during (or near) induction and again in delayed intensification. Eli starts that next month so we will see. He's looking forward to a new green hat when/if his hair finally falls out. And I do hear about other kids who haven't lost theirs either (although never from the oncologist, only the parents).

Sounds like Elijah is making nice strides. Hang in there. Life will get back to (a new) normal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hancocks!Donna recieved a call from your mom last week and told us the news.We are so sorry for you guys and all you are going through.It sounds like things are looking up so keep up the spirits
The Donnelly's

Anonymous said...

Hi Hancocks!Your mom called Donna last week and told her the news.We are so sorry for you guys.You are going through so much.It sounds like things are looking up.Keep your spirits up.
The Donnelly's

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hancocks...Jordan just called me and said all the bro's were shaving their heads in honor of Elijah. Let me know of the details, although I won't be joining them.
I'm really sorry we haven't visited since Iowa City, but I don't dare with all my kids and myself fighting chest/sinus junk. I'm still working on the DVD's and will get them to you ASAP.
We love you and you continue to be in our prayers. When I have a healthy family, I will visit, but not until then.
Love you all,
Jen and the Forry Clan