Saturday, January 12, 2008

There isn't a lot to report today. Elijah and I didn't sleep much last night much due to the fact that he slept so much yesterday. He has been complaining non stop about his belly hurting. We all know that he probably still needs to poop, but he can't seem to get it all out. He has been very touchy since the bone marrow biopsy yesterday. It really sucks that he was awake through the whole thing, and now any time someone walks into his room he freaks out, even with company (so please don't take it personally if you visit). I asked them to give him something more to help him poop, and so they are giving him the maximum dose of miralax, which is double what he has been getting. We are praying this helps so that we can all get some sleep tonight, that is between all of the vitals and medicine. We think that it feels good to Elijah to sit on his potty, because he has been wanting to do it a lot. Sometimes he goes and sometimes not, but the funny thing is that sometimes he sits for long enough that he falls asleep leaning on us. Elijah's blood pressure has been high again today, so Dr. Al-Zein increased his medication. I was talking to the nurse and also mentioned that it is possible that his blood pressure is high because he is so uncomfortable. They discontinued one of the antibiotics because there hasn't been any growth on the cultures they did here while he was having such high fevers. So far today, he has only had one fever of 101, but Dr. Al-Zein said that if he is confident that we have gotten on top of the infection since he isn't having the high fevers (102-103) anymore. We will pray that he doesn't get anymore high ones. Elijah's ANC (Absolute Neuttrafil Count) is still O and that has to start coming up for us to go home. Dr. Al-Zein said that he hopes that this will start to improve next week sometime. He did just have a heavy dose of chemotherapy yesterday, so that knocks out even more of those cells, but the doctor says that the chemo affects it only for a short time. That's why he thinks it won't start recovering until next week sometime. Elijah went for a walk around the unit tonight with Levi, in hopes of getting his bowels moving. They make him wear a mask if he goes outside of his room, and he didn't like that very much. He got to go to the movie cart and pick out a couple of new movies and he enjoyed that. It's time for bed, talk to you all tomorrow. Love you all!!!

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