Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yet another long stretch and it's time to update a little. Never a dull moment at the Hancock residence. Things have been good (and busy) since we got home with Tysa. Elijah just loves her so much and even Alivia is doing better than I thought she would. She like to hug her and squeeze her. There has been a few times when she has needed me and I'm feeding Tysa, so she is a little jealous but for the most part doing quite well. This last Saturday Alivia ran a fever all day and had been feeling crummy for the couple of days before that. I thought she was trying to cut teeth, but on Saturday night her fever got to 104 and she didn't want to walk on her right leg. I wanted to cry, we have played this game before!! We ended up taking her to the ER because we didn't really know what to think. Her white count was high and she has a virus called hand, foot and mouth. This is the third time she has had this in the last few months and it is highly contagious. I was trying to be so careful with my immuno-suppressed child and newborn baby, but Elijah ended up getting a fever last night (Monday) and we had to come to the hospital with him. Alivia is doing better and is staying with Woody and Melissa ( Thanks soooooo much to them!!!). We are so lucky to have such a strong support system around us and people so willing to watch our kiddos on a moments notice, even when they are sick. We are currently at the hospital with Elijah and Tysa. Elijah is doing okay, but as of about an hour ago has gotten another fever. We were supposed to be leaving in the morning, but I don't know now?? Elijah is showing no signs of the virus that Alivia has, so we don't really know why he is getting fevers. Dr Al-Zein was in today and I talked with him about a few different things. First, Elijah has been complaining lately that his legs are asleep. It's hard to know what he is feeling, but I can tell it's something. Dr. Al-Zein said that he might be developing some nerve issues from the chemo meds that he has been on the last couple of months. He started him on a new medication for it and also is starting him on physical therapy. The second thing that Dr.Al-Zein talked about was his numbers. He has been watching some of them the last few weeks and they just aren't where he would like to see them. He wants to do another bone morrow next Friday to make sure his bone morrow is clear of leukemia cells. I guess because Elijah is in a high risk category, he wants to pay close attention to this. He ultimately said that he isn't happy with the way his numbers are right now. This makes us very nervous and we are praying that everything is still okay and that he is just trying to break more records (not really). Lets all keep our fingers crossed and prayers are always appreciated!! I'll try to keep everyone updated in the next couple of weeks when we find out anything more. As for our third and newest child, she is awesome. Absolutely adorable and really an easy going baby. I weighed her tonight at the hospital and she is a whopping 8lbs!! She eats great and now that she is a bit bigger, she is starting to sleep a little longer at night. She is still very alert a lot of the time and even smiles a little. I know it seems pretty early for smiles, but she has done it enough to be more than just gas. We are so happy to have her in our family and truly appreciate the opportunity. We love all of our kids so much and feel blessed to have such a great, busy group. Love and thanks to all of those who continue to give us support, you mean the world to us. Love you all!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Here is a link to some of the cutest pictures you have ever seen!!! This was the photo shoot that Holly surprised us with. It was so fun!! Huge thanks to Holly!! These pictures are only going to be there for viewing until May 16th, so don't miss out...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hi there all!! Wow what an emotional few days. We are all doing well and we are so blessed to have Tysa. She is sooooo precious and so far is a great baby. Tysa is very content and is alert a lot of the time. She has beautiful brown eyes and beautiful skin. She is such a petite little thing. I'm use to handling babies, but I haven't held or taken care of a baby this small for a long time. She has soft black hair, long fingers and long feet. So far, I have had to wake Tysa up at night to eat and just today we have heard how she can cry out loud. As I'm sitting here writing this Levi is holding her and we are having a big laugh because she just filled her pants in a way that I would have never thought someone so little could do!!! The newborn diapers are huge on her.
On Saturday we went to Bridgette's (Tysa's birth mother) caseworkers office to sign all the paperwork. This is a much different situation than we have ever taken part in. We have gotten very close to Bridgette and I can't begin to explain how hard it is to watch her grieve so much. She has been absolutely incredible and her strength is truly amazing. We have never gotten this emotionally involved and it's a very different feeling than we have ever felt. I have always known that a birth mother is a special person and the most selfless person. These statements have become more evident to me in the last four days. I have a hard time feeling like we are the ones causing Bridgette all of the pain that she is feeling. I know that everything that she is feeling and doing is very normal, but like I have said before we have never watched from this angle. I'm so glad that she feels comfortable with us and she has said numerous times that we are the best parents and she is so glad that Tysa s going to have us as her parents. She is being a great mother by giving her child what she feels is in her best interest. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers to be comforted and stay strong.
We are missing our kiddos like crazy!!! We have checked in every free minute that we have had and it sounds like they are doing great!! We can't wait to bring this sweet baby home to meet them and start our new routine. We can't wait to introduce Tysa to all of you and hope that you can stop to see her, she's worth it!! That's all for now, hope to keep updating and get home soon. We Love you all.... A huge thanks to all of you who have taken care of Elijah and Alivia. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tysa Marie has arrived!! Weighing in at 5 lbs and 13 oz. She is 19 inches long and has lots of black hair!! Sooooo cute!