Friday, October 24, 2008

OK. The time has come again for me to update the blog. I had a slightly one-sided conversation with Amanda about whose turn it was (you'll find it's kind of the same conversation as when I tell her it's her TURN to change the diaper) to do the update. It went something like this. "Babe, it's your turn to update the blog." Arched eyebrow, no response. Again "Babe, you look great, it's your turn to update the blog." Smirk, no response. Again "Babe, you're the apple of my eye, it's your turn to update the blog." Small smile and BOOOM. "Sweety, why don't we count how many times I have updated, count how many times you've updated, subtract your number from my number, wait until your number actually reaches my number, and then it'll be my turn to update the blog." Ouch. Usually I win our verbal forays which probably explains why all my completely innocent remarks are usually greeted with silence. With that in mind, it looks like you guys are going to have to here from me approximately 39 more times until you here from Amanda. Weeeelllllll, on to the family business. I'll start with me and work our way down by age (feel free to enter a joke about the age difference between amanda and I because I had a couple go through my head). I am still working 7 bagillion hours at work every week. That still remains absolutely great. I recently had a stint of doctor visits because I thought I was having a heart attack. It turns out that I have an irregularity in my EKG that the doctor just want to "have checked out to eliminat any questions." She then proceeded to schedule it two weeks later. I'm thinking to myself, what if I have a heart attack while doing something totally normal? All who know me know what that is really code for, and if that happens, how is Amanda going to get out from under me??? Sorry mom, I know that is tacky but that is what I thought. I don't know the results yet, but I'll keep you posted. On to another topic that mom will love, it turns out I have hemmorhoids. Nice. I can tell you that the doctor owes me dinner after that appointment (and I watched her wash her hands). Other then those two things, life is pretty ok aside from the mild stress about the economy and owning my own business. One thing of note, I have learned a hard lesson on how I should control my temper. I was carrying a basket of clothes upstairs (barefoot) and stepped on a toy in the hallway by our bathroom. I was quite angry that toys had not been put away and promptly punched a hole in the bathroom door. I turned around and saw all the kids with wide eyes and fearful looks. Thats the last time I will let my temper out of control. Amanda is doing well for a person that has 4 kids, a slighty off-kilter husband and 2 dogs. I don't know how she stays sane becasue everytime I hear two kids crying, it is like someone is cutting my brain with glass shards. She has been on a kick of trying to get me healthy for some reason, but I constantly thwart her intentions. Michelle is doing well. I still have a hard time actually having a child that has reasoning of her own that sometimes might actually be right. I still have the trump card though "Becasue I'm the dad and I said so." YEAH. She is doing well and enjoys school. She is also in dance and seems to like that as well. Elijah is doing good. He was able to make a wish with the Make a Wish Foundation and he decided he wanted to go to sea world to see the animals, and kiss a dolphin, and watch some SHARKS. We are really excited to go and I think they are going to spoil him rotten. We still have the pleasure of giving him 3-5 medications every night, but he is getting better taking them. The doctor told Amanda that they want to increase the chemo dosage becasue it is not knocking his counts down far enough, but they have kindly consented to wait until after we get back from Florida. He also is still on steroids once a month, but it is a lower dosage so we don't get the I love you/I shall kill you looks 1/2 second apart anymore which shows something about me that I look back and kind of miss that. Alivia is doing great and gets more firey as the days pass. She is starting to spit out semi-recognizable words like juice (which happens to be jhoooo), Michelle (which happens to be shheeooooowww) and Elijah (which happens to be Yih-yaahh). She is a sweety and manages to smile and laugh while smacking her siblings. I think it's hilarious when I hear SMACK "Stop it Alivia!" Once again my thoughts turn to my own childhood. Tysa is doing excellent. She is sort of chunky, but we don't seam to have kids any other way. I'm convinced that if we had gotten Michelle while she was young, she would have started out chubby. Tysa is smiling alot, she learned how to suck her thumb, and is overall a very contect baby. For all who would like to come, we are having her sealed to us Thanksgiving weekend at the Temple in Omaha, Ne. With us will be a lot of the birth mom's family (my cousin Bridgette), so it will be wonderful for us to have them there to support us as we do this. Thanks to Bridgette for sharing this wonderful girl with us, and thanks to her family for supporting us as we go through this together. That is all the news that I have for now, for a more detailed and, let's be honest, accurate description of any points brought up in the preceding words, it's probably best to talk to Amanda. Thanks for all you love and prayers in our behalf! We truly can't explain how much you all mean to us, and how we are thankful for all the love and support we get. Love you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sorry for the delay

Just wanted to drop a quick note and let everyone know that we are doing ok. We have been VERY busy and also had to have Isaac re-set the password since they were the ones that set this blog up for us when we were in the hospital. I promise we will get on in the next couple of days and give a detailed and complete update. Thanks for all the love and prayers.