Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yet another day here inside our our walls. This room is getting smaller by the day. Dr. Al-Zein was in this afternoon and I asked him about discharge. It seems like every time we talk about that the estimated discharge day is a little further away. We thought on Monday that we would be going home on or around Friday, but today he said that since his counts haven't starting recovering yet that we are probably looking at Sunday or more likely the first of next week. He said he might surprise us and we will see his counts start recovering tomorrow or Friday, but then he will get another big dose of chemotherapy on Friday so that won't help with his counts. Elijah is pooping like crazy, ahh the power of prayer. When we have so many people praying for him I guess we shouldn't have expected anything less, right? His pancreas enzyme levels were back down today which is good, but they will continue to monitor those every morning along with all of his other labs. Elijah did not have a very happy day today. He seems to have one good day, then one bad day and so on. I'm hoping tomorrow is a little better. His stomach has been bothering him, now more likely due to cramping from all of the laxatives. He is down to about 36.5 pounds (down from 41), and it shows. He looks very skinny and frail. Once he gets to feeling better (they keep telling me it's coming), we will have to get him a weight set since he is on the steroids! HaHa!! We joked with the nurses about that and they said, wrong kinds of steroids. I found an ocean animal set on the Internet and ordered it. It arrived today and Levi brought it after work. I think the fact that daddy finally came back and the animals was defiantly the highlight of his day. It was a very long day of Elijah asking and crying for dad to "come back". I think not only is he withdrawing from the last of his pain medication, but also from having dad not around as much. He doesn't understand that we have changed cities and hospitals, all he realizes is that dad isn't here 24/7 anymore. Melissa brought Alivia up to visit today and it's so nice to see her be so happy and healthy. She seems to be doing great with all of this even though we miss each other like crazy. We have two very strong kidos. That's all for now. Love you all!! Good night.


Laura Bernard said...

Yea for the poop!!! Glad that finally happened. What a relidf for you and him. He's such a touch guy. Here's hoping you get to go home soon!

Marye said...

It was so very good of Isabelle and Ava to wear those masks to help make Elijah feel better. They are such sweet girls. It's really something that things we take for granted we now are praying for. Elijah is a tough guy and he will get through all of this. And soon.