Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just an update from the rest of the day. Elijah continues to have fevers and they finally had one of the many cultures come back with growth of another bacteria. They won't be able to tell until tomorrow exactly what kind of bacteria it is, but Dr. Mitchell (the other oncology doctor) said that it could quite possibly be the same strep that he had before. They started an antibiotic and when they find out tomorrow what it is, they will change it if they need to. Bummer!! At least we are able to explain the fevers now. Dr. Al-Zein told us the day we got to Des Moines that this was a possibility and not to be surprised if it happened given the very low WBC Elijah had. This doesn't make it stink any less. There are a few things they can try to help it, but ultimately if he continues to get infections or fevers it will have to be surgically removed. If this needs to happen they would remove it and place a PICC line (glorified IV that threads through a vein to close to his heart) and leave it for a few weeks and then replace another port. All this really means to me is more trips to the hospital. BOOOOOO!! Elijah's ANC was down slightly today at 480. Dr. Mitchell said this could be from the few WBC's Elijah's body does have trying to fight off this infection. He also said that if everything goes well for the next couple of days (meaning no fevers and no more growth on any cultures) then we could still possibly go home this weekend and just do IV antibiotics at home. He told me that we are working on setting a record for the longest admission for an initial T-cell ALL diagnosis. Once again we don't want to be the ones setting this record. There were some "pet therapy" dogs that came up today and this was the first time that Elijah actually wanted to see and pet them. There was even a 12 week old golden retriever puppy, she was sooooo cute!! Otherwise most of the day was spent in the wagon roaming the hallways. It's time for bed, Love you all!!!


Jennie said...

Hi! Hopefully we'll be seeing you soon!! We all need to get healthy but we're crossing our fingers that we can make another visit in the near future. It's nice to see Elijah's smiles and the bald heads are TOO COOL! I love it.

Jennie(Heileson Clan)

MichaelandKyra said...

It's amazing how dogs can change peoples' lives. They can even find cancer now! Dogs are the best! I want to hug Eligah. I don't think you realize how much this blog has helped me. I read this blog almost every morning and it makes any problems I have seem so small. Eligah has even helped Michael and my relationship. Love you all!

Marye said...

I have heard about animals helping people in the hospital. I love the pictures of Elijah with the dogs. He lokks so cute with his new haircut. You have such a special little guy there.