Sunday, January 6, 2008

We missed a day, but not a lot new to report. Elijah had a pretty good day yesterday. He was happy for a good part of the day, but he seems to go up and down with his moods. Grandma Arlyce came yesterday to visit and brought him a huge dinosaur coloring/sticker book. They had fun with that for awhile, and Levi and I left the hospital and went to Wal-Mart. Yes, that's right I left the hospital and went to my favorite place ever, I miss being at Wal-Mart everyday of the week. HaHa. Grandpa Diddy and Grandma Tess came later on and stayed the night in Elijah's room so we could go to the room we are renting and sleep all night long with no beeps to wake us up. It was so nice!! Elijah was sad when he woke up and we weren't in his room. That was the first time we weren't there. But as soon as grandpa and grandma left the room, he wanted to know where they went. The doctors decided to put him on a more long term blood pressure medicine because they were having to give him the PRN medication every 4 hours. the doctors think that when he can get rid of all the fluid, his blood pressure will get better, but the steroid that he is taking also can make it higher so that's why they are going to just keep him on it for awhile. They also gave him some lasix (diuretic) this morning to help get rid of some of the fluid. The reason they didn't give him this sooner was because his kidney function labs were all high from the chemo and getting rid of all those cells, and the lasix would make them higher. As of this morning they have dropped to a more comfortable level and so they felt like it would be a good time to give it. So lots of pee today, I mean LOTS!!! We have already noticed some of his swelling has gotten better even from early this morning. Elijah had some more visitors today and unfortunately was sort of grumpy, but I guess just like normal we can't have him happy all of the time. Kevin and Jenni came and brought Addy and they played in the play room for a little bit, and then Grandma Hancock, Kathy Done, and Meredith came to visit with more food!! We want to keep saying thanks for all the food, it's been so great. The cafeteria food was okay for the first few days just because it was new, but certainly all of the food people are bringing has been so much better. Thank a million. A few friends and family went to our house yesterday and made sure everything was sanitized and clean, and I can't even begin to tell you how nice that is to not have to worry about going home to a mess. Thank you so much for that!! It's so hard to express our thanks in writing without any expression, but we hope you all know how thankful we are for everything. We also heard that there was a fast at our church for Elijah today, and we wanted to express our gratitude for that. I don' think that we even know how many payers there has been for Elijah to make it through this, but we can feel the strength from all of them. Elijah actually got out of bed and took a few steps for the first time last night, and today has walked across the hall to the playroom and has made a huge improvement even from last night. I can't believe how strong he is. This is why he has always been so strong willed, Heavenly Father knew he would have to be to make it through this. We are so proud of him. He is now starting to fight it a little because he s sore and exhausted, but we want him to keep going so that we can go home soon. He is still loving all of his movies, maybe he will be burnt out n movies by the time we get home. We can always wish!! We are looking forward to our yummy food tonight. We love you all!!

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Chip and Teresa Boston said...

Levi and family,
Just wanted to let you know that you are in our family's prayers. Our moms talked yesterday and that is how I found out. Give me a call if you get a chance let me now how much longer you will be in Iowa City and I will head out there and bring you and your wife a hot meal. Chip Boston 515-202-4581