Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We had sort of a slow day with Elijah. He was talkative in the nighttime hours, but during the day didn't want to talk. We can't decide if it is because his throat hurts, or that he is mad at us. It seemed to us that he was a little grumpy with us. We are sure that is because he remembers us bringing him to the hospital, and now he doesn't feel good, but he doesn't understand why. We will just have to make sure and love him and talk with him so that he knows that we love him. We also know that his hemoglobin dropped, so that would make him lethargic and pale. Otherwise, his numbers are still going the way that we want them to. His white cell count dropped to .6, so that is what we want. The oncologist also said that he would probably level out at about .4. We are hoping and praying that the bone marrow biopsy on Friday will show less then 5% blasts (cancerous cells) because that would technically be remission. When we asked the oncologist about it, he said it was pretty unlikely because of the number of cells he had in the beginning, but we can always hope and pray that it will happen. He is pretty strong and has been making all the doctors happy so far with the direction of his numbers, so maybe it will happen. They decided to transfuse him again because his hemoglobin was low, and the oncologist said that would probably be a fairly regular thing in the first 3-4 weeks before his body recovers and starts producing his blood again. Although the chemo targets mostly the more rapidly growing cells (white blood cells) it also kills some of the red blood cells and platelets, which is why he will need the transfusions so much. We would again like to thank everybody for helping and praying for us in this time of need. We especially would like to thank our family for all they have done for us. I guess that is why Heavenly Father made the family his unit of organization! Although we miss Alivia, we feel so lucky to have her taken care of by family that she knows well and loves. Thanks also to our ward family (I should say families since we have been in a couple of wards in the last year) for all of your support. I am sure that we will lean on you again in the months to come as he goes through his treatment for the next 3 years. It is time for us to try and get some sleep, we will talk to you again tomorrow. Good night and we love you all.


amain said...

We have never met, but I knew the Hancock's growing up, and I just want you to know that our family here in Waukee is praying for Elijah and all of your family. I have seen God work some AMAZING miracles, and I have no doubt that He will do the same for your sweet baby:)
Just wanted to say hello, and let you know you have more friends than you have even met:)

Laura Bernard said...

I love the new photos!! Congrats on extubation and having him awake a bit. It must be comforting to hear his voice and interact with him again. You guys all must be so exhausted. I hope you get a decent nap today. Thinking and praying for you always.

The Willms said...

manda and levi,
we have thought of you guys so much!! we are still in shock about this, and want you to know that our hearts and minds are full for you. elijah is in such good hands, no one could love him more!! we are at a wresling meet for skylar, and one of the teachers helped me get onto elijahs blog. must go for now, but hope to see you guys all home soon.
hugs and kisses for all of you from the willms
roger and family