Friday, January 4, 2008

Sorry we didn't update much today, I've been lazy. Elijah slept a little better last night, but was still up for about half of it. We are hoping tonight he gets a full nights rest, and us too. Elijah had his day 8 bone morrow biopsy and lumbar puncture at around noon today. We had to go back up to the PICU because the doctors were concerned with him still being on the methadone and then adding the other medication they were to sedate him that it could compromise his breathing, so they were being extra cautious. I think that Elijah has surprised everybody enough that they don't want to take any chances. They were able to get the bone morrow pretty quickly, but they had trouble getting the spinal fluid. They poked him I think 3 or 4 times before they finally got it. He is a bit more swollen today and that didn't help. The oncologists came to talk to us early this evening and said that the preliminary results looked pretty good, but it's hard for them to put a number to it until they have the definitive results. He did say that he looked at it and he is pretty sure that is is more than 5%, bu not much. He said he thinks it's less than 10%, and hopefully not much over 5%. He was pleased and reminded us that considering the WBC that he started with, this was a huge jump down even though it's not less than 5%. I don't think that any of them thought it would be less than 5% because of his numbers to begin with. So we will plan on having the day 15 bone morrow biopsy (next Friday), and for sure by then it has to be less than 5% or they would have to intensify his treatment. We should know for sure on Monday the exact numbers. Elijah for the most part has been better today as far as his mood is concerned. He is talking a lot more and interacting more. He still doesn't like to see the staff come in his room, but who should at this point. He is being pretty good with what they need to do, and taking his oral medication without too much trouble. We finally got him to eat some chips today, we know not the most healthy choice but we wanted to make sure that he still knew how to chew and swallow!! This will hopefully continue to get better and easier. He has all of his tubes and lines out except one, his port. he was able to get his catheter out today while he was sedated. He even told us when he had to go potty and went in the toilet. Good Boy, mommy didn't do all that hard work of potty training for nothing!! We also got him to sit in a wagon tonight and took him for a ride around the unit and saw the fish tank and went to the playroom and picked out a couple of movies to watch. He isn't able to stand or walk yet, but when Levi picked him up to put him in the wagon He had him try and put a little weight on his legs. It will come one day at a time. I just can't wait until he is up running around again. It's amazing what you take for granted until it's gone!! So a pretty good day for the most part, and hopefully a much better night! We look forward to seeing some visitors this weekend, it's just been us the last two days. We can't wait to be home even though I'm terrified. Thanks so much for all the prayers and service. We love you all!!
Good Night


Laura Bernard said...

It's so nice to see him looking so much better! I love the chips! Certainly a good choice. It's amazing what you've been through in the last week and a half. You still sound so optimistic and positive. I'm so impressed! I hope you can get home soon even though I'm sure you'll be paranoid for the next three years!! Still, it will be nice to have some things back to normal and be back with Alivia. I bet you miss her terribly!

Last night I told James in his family prayer to pray for Elijah that his test results would go well. So when he prayed, he said, "Bless Elijah that he'll get good grades on his tests." Didn't quite get the A+, but he's still doing great! We're all thinking of you and are so amazed at your strength! Hoping to see you soon!

Becky T said...

I'm so glad things are looking up for Elijah. It sounds like he is about as big a fighter as they come. I'm sure it'll be a long process and all, but so far it sounds like there have been very literal miracles happening for you guys. We are thinking of you and praying for you daily. Take care!

The Thalgotts

Marye said...

I love the pictures of Elijah that show him awake and responding to you. And I like the one where he was out of his room going for a fun ride.

Angie Acor said...

Just wanted to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers. I am checking back for updates often. Sounds like you are in good hands and things are headed in the right direction. It also looks like you have many, many prayers being offered in your behalf. What a blessing that is! We will continue to pray for you.

Angie Acor

Jennie said...

I just showed Addy Elijah's pictures and she was so happy to see him happy and awake. She has been asking to see his pictures all day. We are so happy that he was able to go see the fishy's and get out the room. That has to feel good to him! I can't wait to get your guys back here in Des Moines and hopfully it will be soon. Elijah has been so strong. And you guys have amazed me. I was thinking about coming over to see you tomorrow. We are still in Harlan right now(I'm sure you know why) but I'll ring you in the morning. Love you so much.Jen