Sunday, December 30, 2007

We ha a much better night. Elijah slept better, and therefore so did I. Levi has been sleeping okay even when Elijah and I haven't. HaHa! This isn't any different from home. There isn't a lot to report yet this am, he will get his morning x-ray and then maybe we will know more when they do rounds. His belly started getting really big, so they did an x-ray over night and think that a lot of it is just air. They moved his NG tube a little to see if it would help get some of the air out of his belly. He is still peeing A LOT, but no poop yet and we need him to do that. An x-ray of his belly showed that he didn't have a lot sitting in his bowel, but they would still like to see something. they have given him medication twice to help and so they expect it to happen anytime. On that note, I'll try to update later this morning.


ang_legrand said...

You don't know us, we are in Butch & Kathy's ward in DM. We want you to know that you and Elijah are in our prayers. We found out on Christmas day and have been watching your blog all week. Please know that you have lots of prayers and support from here in DM, even from people you do not know.

Lee & Angie LeGrand & Family

Anonymous said...

Dear Levi, Amanda and Elijah,
DJ and I really were glad to see all of you the other day. We hope to come back soon. Elijah has been in our prayers, and we really hope for the best.

We love you!
The Forry Family

karen and cameron said...

Levi and Amanda,
Karen and I are in Virginia right now but we just heard about Elijah and were able to get onto the blog. We are glad to hear that things are getting a little better. I hope you guys will be able to come back soon and all your family will be in our prayers, including our fast. We love you guys.
-The Phipps

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that all of us at IMMC are thinking and praying for you guys. If you need anything just let us know!!!

Sarah Copple

BMW said...

Amanda and Levi,
We will keep you in our prayers. We hope you will feel the Lord's comfort and strength during this time.
Drew and Bronwyn Williams

Anonymous said...

To Your Family:
God Bless you all! I am Tiffany Robinson's Mom she told us about Little Elijah. Your whole family is in my prayers! I am sure Heavenly Father is taking care of your baby.

Cheri Brillhart

Tom said...

Is Grandma and Grandpa Butch and Kathy who lived in Denver? Tom and Sally's prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Is Grandpa and Grandma the Butch and Kathy that lived in Denver? Our prayers are with you.

Tom and Sally