Saturday, December 29, 2007

Elijah is finally resting better. They worked all morning to get his sedation medication to the level that would work best for him. We just got his 16:00 lab work back and his WBC is 3.8K. It keeps going down and that's what we want, things are working. The biggest thing that they are waiting for to be able to extubate him is for the mass in his chest to shrink. The staff dr that is on all this weekend and next week said that if they don't see much improvement by Monday or Tuesday, he will order another CT scan which will show a much closer 3D look at where it is in comparison to his trachea. If it's not affecting his trachea or they see improvement on the x-ray, they can make the decision to extubate him sooner. They are hoping that with the chemo it will start shrinking on it's own. His latest blood work also showed that his platelets have dropped again too, so they will see where they go tonight and decide tomorrow if they will give him a transfusion. Melanie, Zach, Meredith, Jason and Teresa visited today and we enjoyed seeing them and laughing a little. Meredith talked to Elijah a little and he had stuck his tongue out. When she told him she wanted to see his "frog tongue" again he would stick it out again. Just goes to show that h is aware of whats going on around him sometimes and it was probably good for him to hear us laughing a little. I bet he was just sad because he wants to do it too. I think we should get a better nights rest tonight and him as well. That's all for now, once again thanks again for everything from everyone. We enjoy having visitors, I just wish we were a little closer. Hopefully we will be back in Des Moines within the next couple of weeks. Goodnight!!

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Launi Walker said...

Our prayers are with you. We are pleased Elijah is doing better.

We know... it's overwhelming, it's heartbreaking, it's exhasting and it's frustrating.

We are not much further ahead than you, but feel free to check out our blog: We have found that a common leukemia diagnosis brings strangers together. We are here if you need anything (I realize it may take you a few weeks; it did for us).

Our love and prayers to the two Elis with ALL.

Launi Walker
Wilsonville, OR