Wednesday, December 26, 2007

12/26/07 -2330
Elijah got his breathing tube out this afternoon and it was pretty rough on him. They had to let him come out of the sedation with the tube still in place to make sure that he was going to breath on his own before they could remove it. As a nurse I watch adult women that struggle with trying to take the tube out themselves because it's just not supposed to be there, I can only imagine what my little baby is thinking about feeling this foreign body in his throat. They were able to remove the tube successfully, however there is some swelling of his vocal cords from having the breathing tube in place. They are watching him very closely because they can not give him steroids like they would normally to reduce the swelling because the steroids would suppress his immune system even more. They have and are still currently giving him other breathing treatments to try and help(I don't think they are helping much, but I leave that up to the professionals). They are walking a thin line in giving him sedation to keep him calm, but they have to be very careful not to give too much that it would affect his breathing. He HATES the small nasal cannula in his nose that is delivering the oxygen to him, but when he has gotten it off, the oxygen level in his blood drops very quickly. So pretty much he doesn't have a choice, he has to have it on. We have always known that he is strong willed, and he wants to make sure that all of the staff is aware of that too. He is a fighter, and I know that he wouldn't want anyone to think any less of him.
We want everyone to know that we have so much gratitude for all of the love, support and prayers and we know for a fact that we would not be here without it. Please consider your thoughts and prayers the most helpful thing that you could do for us. We thank everyone for everything they have done to help us out and it is so reassuring to know that we are being well taken care of. Thanks so much, we love you all!!!!
("DUH" is doing okay, trying to be as strong as my precious little boy)

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