Monday, March 10, 2008

WOW!!! What an awesome support system we have. We never expected the benefit to turn out so great! A HUGE thank-you goes out to our friends Kevin and Jennie for organizing it for us and also to all of our friends and family that helped make it happen. There were so many businesses and volunteers that donated items for the auction and raffle and that really made it great. It was truly incredible to us haw many people stepped forward to help that we didn't even know, so to all of you thank-you sooooo much. I hope everyone had fun and I think that we had lots of people walk away with some pretty neat things. THANKS again so much for EVERYTHING. We appreciate each and everyone of you. Elijah is doing well. His counts were high enough to start chemo again this last Friday and so having a couple weeks off of it made him feel pretty good. By the middle to end of this week I think I'll be singing a different tune. The doctor said that by the end of this week his counts will be low again and we will possibly be in for more transfusions and possible fevers. Not looking forward to that, but this really is the roller-coaster that Elijah will go through for the next few years. It is nice to have at least a couple weeks of break. Today we went to see a pediatric surgeon to discuss putting his port back in. He scheduled this for tomorrow because he wants to got this done before his counts are too dangerous to put him through surgery. It will sure be nice to have his port back in, but I hope and pray that it won't get infected this time. So now every time we go to the clinic I will put a numbing cream on the port site because they will have to access it with a needle for all of his treatments. So I will update later this week with the details. Love you all and Thanks again for everything!!!!!

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Courtney said...

The benefit was awesome! I'm so glad we were able to go. One question, do you guys have any more wrist bands? I'd like a couple if you do. Good luck with the chemo.