Saturday, February 23, 2008

We didn't have a very good day on Friday. We are now back in the hospital as of about 5:30pm yesterday. BUMMER!!!! Elijah spiked a fever and to the hospital we came. We were in the outpatient clinic yesterday and Dr Al-Zein said he couldn't believe he hadn't been in yet because his ANC has been low for a couple of weeks. I think he jinxed us!!! He also got this very unusual hives/rash that no one can explain. The chemo meds that he received yesterday are the same ones he has had for the past few weeks, so it's unlikely he had a reaction to them. The resident this morning said that it could be something viral he has especially since he had a fever, but there is really no way to tell right now. As soon as I get a camera up here, I'll take a picture and show you what I'm talking about. This was a crappy ending to a VERY long week. He has been pretty grumpy. They have to put him to sleep every time they do radiation and he is usually fine before he goes to sleep, but then wakes up in a funk. The radiation itself takes a matter of a few minutes, it takes longer to get him asleep then the actual radiation. One more week of that and then we're done with that part of it. We haven't talked with Dr Al-Zein yet, but we are assuming we will be here for the 72 hours it takes to get the blood cultures back and then we can get back home. So far he hasn't done too bad here in the hospital, normal fighting is all. They had to draw blood from his line and from his arm, and it took a couple of pokes to get that. It's amazing how strong a three year old can be when he's angry!!! Well, that's all for now, I'll update later when we know more. Love you all!!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear you guys are at the Blank "spa." That is what my daughter and I called it during her treatment. We live in West Des Moines, and have been following your story. A few parents are working on a support group for families going through cancer with their children...we would love to have you included. We want to make your treatment course as easy as possible.

E-mail me if you are interested.

Hope to meet you soon,
Lisa Hulsing
mother of

Mark, Holly & Boys said...

Oh, man. Bummer to read this post. Sorry. I hope it's a short stay & that the wierd rash resolves itself quickly.