Monday, January 5, 2009

Well after twelve days of "I don't know's", we finally have an answer. They tested Elijah for a virus called cytomegalovirus (AKA, CMV) and this morning it came back positive. This is the virus that they check pregnant women for because if you get it while your pregnant it can be harmful to the fetus. This is what I know from the conversation I had this am with Dr. Al-Zien. 85% of the population will get this virus sometime in their lifetime. To any of us this virus would feel like a common cold. Of course in the immuno-compermised person it presents itself very differently, as we have come to find out. Just to get this out of the way, he is not contagious after the three days of antibiotics that he has had for this. We do get to go home today which is great news!! The bad news is that we have to do 6 weeks of IV antibiotics at home and be in to the doctor frequently for the next few months. When Dr. Al-Zien came in this am, he was actually relieved that this CMV came back positive, because he was starting to become concerned that he was maybe relapsing. As weird as it sounds, I am grateful for 6 weeks of antibiotics. I could write more but I am trying to pack up to go home. I will try an update a bit later. Thanks for all the prayers and support. Love you all!!


Mark, Holly and Boys said...

Thanks for the update, you've been on our minds a lot. I'm glad you've at least got an answer (& that it's not relapse). I'll give you a call once you've had a chance to settle back in at home.

Family Scads said...

It is crazy how different symptoms are for CMV. Beck's have always been GI related (mostly bloody stool, vomiting, get the picture). The last time he tested positive, I was also relieved. It is nice to have answers. I am jealous that you only have 6 weeks of antibiotics. Beckham has 6 months of antiviral meds. Yuck!

Yeah for home!!!

The Smith Clan said...

Hi Levi- It's your old friend Carri Wright from way back when, the last name is actually Smith now. I found your blog through blogsearch. Your family is beautiful. Your little Elijah seems like such a fighter. I will keep him in my prayers. What a hard time for your family to go through. Isn't it great to have the gospel to help us understand a little better what our journey is here on earth. I am still in Colorado Springs. I have 5 kids, who I get to stay home with. My husband, Aaron is a chiropractor. We just do our day to day stuff with a house full of kids. If your interested, my blog is Tell Zach hi for me! Take care.

Kami Roecker said...

Happy your family is home again! :)
I ran into Julie, Blank 4 RN & she said you wanted to tell me hello last time you were here but I was in FL. Thanks for thinking of me & sorry I missed you guys.
I got engaged while in FL too on NYE! :)

Anonymous said...

It was great to see Elijah at the walk...I have video of the ceremony, but have no one smart enough to get it posted to youtube...But, the closing ceremony IS on youtube, it is titled, "CureSearch Des Moines raised how much?"

There are also amazing pix online at Flickr..including an awesome pix of Elijah's name being announced with Emily Price. He looks great.

There will families at St. Baldrick's this coming Tuesday at the Funny Bone at West Glen. Our family is not participating or fundraising, but we will be there to watch. Let me know if you are interested...the families of Club HOPE would like to get to know you all better...but, I do know how busy your household must be these, no pressure intended.

Elijah is truly my hero along with all those kids that received their medals last weekend.

Lisa Hulsing,
MileStones,event chair, Des Moines

couplabz said...

Love reading your blog. Glad to hear Elijah is doing well. I love that you have pictures of your daughter's birth mother (or at least I assume that's who she is). We treasure our pics or Eli and his birth mother, Laura. Congratulations on your new addition, she's adorable.