Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hi there all! We are doing well. Elijah, Alivia and I all had a long and rough day on Friday at the clinic starting Elijah's next phase of his treatment. He started Delayed intensification and it was a big day with lots of expectations from him. Everything was traumatic and now that Alivia is finally walking, she was a handful on top of it. He had to have a spinal to put a medication called methatrexate through his spinal fluid. It took FIVE pokes to finally get this done and you would think I would be use to seeing him suffer. I am here to say, I believe no matter how long we have been doing this, it doesn't get any easier to watch him have to go through these very hard times. We are better now, but it's days like that when I honestly wonder how much more I can take. After a few good days, or at least not so bad days I feel like I'm ready to conquer a little more. Alivia is a busy body and into EVERYTHING!!!!! I guess we knew this was coming. She is still pretty cute!!

On another note, I think it's time we make it official and let those of you who don't already know our new news! We are expecting a baby that will be joining our family in May. It's coming right up and we are super excited to be growing our family by yet another one. (No, I'm not pregnant)! It will be another little girl and her name will be Tysa Marie. Please pray for us, HaHa.
Love you all!!


Leslie said...

Congratulations on the baby! I am so happy for you. Good luck with Alivia and walking. They get a mind of their own. I hope Elijah is feeling better after Friday - I know that is not fun. Rumor has it that you are headed to SLC in May - is that true?

MichaelandKyra said...

Another one? I am so jealous. I have my first one sometime end of June. I can't wait to go get her.

Kami Roecker said...

Congrats on the new little one who will be joining your family soon! What a blessing!!!! :) The addition to your family will definately bring happiness & joy! I'm thrilled for you & your family!
That's too bad Elijah had 5 pokes for his spinal the other day....not at all easy for mommy to see. He is quite a trooper!
And Alivia is walking & into everything--sounds like she keeps you guys busy, busy!
Thinking & Praying for you!